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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. zeebeeyoutiful serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.


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For years, I have served as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our world. I founded zeebeeyoutiful with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and I have been at it ever since.

Take some time to explore the blog, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together.

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Be LUXE at home.

#Quarantinelife with FEMME LUXE FINERY.

Life changed overnight. We were instructed to not leave our homes, stay-at-home orders was a state of being so new to most of us. The idea that I couldn't travel to my neighboring to state to visit my mom was heavy on my heart. Regardless of your personal opinions about the #covid19 pandemic we all have to do our part to remain calm and collected during such a difficult time.

As a being that loves energy, remaining active and creative has been super essential to my well-being. The first month or so were difficult because I started shifting inward to protect myself during an already difficult time since I was very early on the grieving process of losing my father to leukemia this year.

I often get asked as life, health, and holistic leadership coach how I manage to handle stress. I share that remaining true to my needs is number one rule, self-care isn't selfish and will remain unselfish if I keep right mindset that in order to care for others I have to be practicing self-care and self-love proactively.

Luxe Femme sent me the cutest pieces like this beautiful white dress from their Dress Collection, Perfect timing to wear in contrast to all the spring green in my yard.

Whatever you do keep practicing love, patience, and happiness. All of these things aren't automatic as it is a matter of perspective on our own emotions and those of the people around us. Smile often and keep lots of bright colorful items around you.

Another way to spend quality time is with friends and family. #Socialdiatancing didn't mean love distancing. As soon as it was deemed safe to do so I met up with my friend Lucy from Lucero's Beauty Bar and we had a great time doing some creative beauty routines, and of course we took plenty of pictures to document all the fun! Doesn't the pink dress with mesh sleeves from Femme Luxe Finery look super cute on her?

I was feeling super happy and creative in my blue shirt dress and lace top with a bow! It was fun and therapeutic day for both us!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I have stayed creative and happy during these difficult #covid19 times.

best always,







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