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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

~Helen Keller

I am a self proclaimed winter lover. Any chance I get to pull out my vintage winter wear is a day to celebrate, I live in Florida ok, and it's the little things that count anyways, right?! I think this winter the word swinter become my thing. Get it? Summer+Winter = swinter?!! Haha.

As "winter" comes to a close and spring starts to play peek a boo, I sadly put away the barely worn vintage leather coats, the London fog trench, and my new finds of winter 2016-2017.

This year has already been all about building new habits and starting new and more effective life patterns. Out with the old, in with the new! And no, my vintage life not included! What is included is my new found need to become a conscious shopper.

Wanting to purchase items that have a positive effect locally and internationally, items that give meaning to quality over quantity and prove it.

As a conscious clothing buyer, I purchase clothing on 3 conditions:

1. Age (vintage status)

2. New. Potential Vintage Quality

3. The Message

Sometimes I find new brands that fit number two and three and as a vintage forecaster, yes I made that up, lol! I know it has all the potential to become a valuable vintage item in the future.

LayerUnion is a South Korean clothing brand, their message is clear: comfortable, youthful, and with a minimalist look.

A brand with a collection with names like, "Never Ending Decade", "Youth Crew", and a quote like, "I realized that I didn't have to make objects anymore, I could just do these sort of events, make things happen, work with people and enjoy it", is expected to be nothing short of amazing. And being the quote lover I am, it was love at first sight. Until I received the two items I purchased of course, then it was love at first touch too. The quality was beyond my expectations, and the price very affordable, even with international shipping! Totally worth it!

Here are some shots of my Birdie hoodie and my turtleneck collar sweater as I did life this winter around the #upsideofpensacola. Enjoy!

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