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My Inspiration: A Fall Day.

Falls is here! A much welcomed time for me in the Florida Gulf Coast. Late in the summertime I came up with my #ootd inspiration list. An item I plan on incorporating this fall is hats! I have always felt like they weren't for me but this fall the style challenge is on! And of course denim! Vintage denim no less and how about some curly hair don't care days to go along?

I recently came across a beautiful collection of vintage hats. Everyone I have shared them with has said the same thing after admiring them and taking a deep breath, "I wish we still dressed like that". Although we can't walk around in a full fledged 1950's outfit (I mean, you can if you want! Some do!), but we can take that little piece and make it BeeYoutiful!

There is so much nostalgia attached to the past and the things of the past. When I come across a vintage item I always wonder where it has been. And although I am not always brave to wear all of them I also realize there is no reason to incorporate bits and pieces into my lifestyle. The idea is that if you buy items that call to you they will never be "out of style", take my jacket for example, I bought it 12 years ago and it's one of few reds in my wardrobe, paisley's will never go out of style because you can make it you and mix it with any color for contrast and it makes a great jean outfit as well.

If you visit any thrift stores, second hand shops etc. make sure to keep an eye out for hats that speak to you and the style you love.

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