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June 1, 2016



My name is Zulma and I am so happy to see you here. I started my online journey not knowing it would take me here.  I started my blog on vintagevoguefinds.com earlier this year, the process helped me realize quickly that my love for life and everything it means to me was taking over. So I decided to merge my love for a vintage vogue lifestyle, holistic health and my ongoing desire to support causes and movements all over the world in one place. This blog is my space for you, I hope to motivate and inspire you to love all the things that make YOU beeYOUtiful. I hope to remind you that no matter the challenge there is always a silver lining. I want to remind you that love overcomes all things especially hate. I need to leave behind a legacy, after nearly losing what is most valuable to human being because of an autoimmune disease, that fighting for your life will always be worth fighting for. Chronic pain has a way of stripping joy and hope to those that face it on a daily basis, believe me I know. In my case lupus almost had it's way, but I choose everyday to not let an illness dictate how I will live. Not undermining the many challenges a compromised body can have of course, all I want is for everyone going through difficulties that it is deposited within ourselves a strength greater than we can imagine and we can tap into it anytime we want. Faith is the greatest of all fruit of the spirit in my opinion and believing will be the difference on how face the challenges that come our way and how we respond to them. I hope this space becomes a space of peace and a relaxation.

With Love,



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