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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

September 14, 2016


A Tale For the Bees.

Fall time is for bright colors and neutrals in way that they don't shine during other seasons. I have spotted so many beautiful mustard and yellows on my Style Collective Sisters on Instagram! Here are a few pics for inspiration. Which one is your favorite?

Whether you are at the local market or sweet little spots like SOHO or Pike Place it's important to shop consciously. How wonderful is it to watch the colors of fruit take after the popular hues this season! I had never seen or tasted Opal apples. I find it very delicious with the flesh consistency of a pear and a sweet tangy taste that takes after the forever popular sweet crisp and at the same time like nothing like any apple I have tasted before. Quite unique! A friend mentioned it is the only apple which she will eat the skin. I need to ask her why! 

I can't ever say yellow without thinking about the my friends the bees. And what better way to thank them than by talking about fruit. We all benefit from the hard working bees. Remember to lessen you carbon footprint and help them by being a conscious consumer, when you  re-love, reuse, re-purpose and recycle anything you are able to your effort counts. Every little effort counts. Whether it's your wardrobe or the food you buy to consume when you think about doing better and acting on it you are a part of a grand scheme of hope for now and for the future.

What are you enjoying the most this Fall? The style trends? the special treats nature gives us? Please share!




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